RED Camera

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V-Raptor X

The VRAPTOR [X] compact body is built with the keystone features found in the original VRAPTOR platform, now bolstered by newly engineered incamera audio preamps and an optimized sensor cavity for improved contrast. The VRAPTOR [X] has 2x 12G SDI’s, capable of unique monitoring views, a locking Canon RF style lens mount for rigid and flexible lens selection, and CFexpress Type B media for up to 800MB/s formats such as 8K at 120fps. RED Global Vision uses the global shutter sensor in VRAPTOR [X] to open unprecedented capabilities. Global Vision’s Extended Highlights mode allows the camera to see color and detail into extreme highlights like never before, providingeven softer and more subtle highlight rolloff when in uncontrollable environments, and an overall dynamic range of over 20 stops. Phantom Track dualcapture streamlines any virtual production environment employing GhostFrameTMor frameremapping, capturing distinct R3D clips per LED wall view, as well as allowing for monitoring of either view live onset over each SDI.